Friday, May 6, 2011

Kashi TLC Dark Chocolate Coconut Fruit & Grain Bar

Just like Jess I love Kashi products so I decided to try a new snack bar from their TLC line.  I picked up the Dark Chocolate Coconut Fruit & Grain Bar because it was pretty low cal with a decent amount of protein ... and seriously, chocolate & coconut - you can't go wrong.  Well, it's great! 

I used the layer-by-layer eating approach & started w/ the toppings, nibbled off the chocolate, & munched down on the granola base.  Every layer tasted great & totally satisfied my craving!  I'm definitely going to buy another box of these when this runs out. 

I still rely on my homemade protein cakes for my on-the-go convenience foods but bars like these ease my chocolate cravings and give me a daily sweet.  I don't have a huge sweet tooth and i don't add sweeteners to my recipes but it's nice to have one or two sweet things a day.  I think this really helps me keep the rest of my diet super clean.

The nutrition stats are pretty great on this bar.  Kashi hasn't done me wrong yet!

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  1. i'm still waiting for Kashi to make gluten free bars! maybe one day. They are so good.