Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Kashi GoLean Roll! Bars - Chocolate Turtle

These bars are one of my favorites!  If I'm going to eat a bar that is a bit higher in calories, it has to satisfy a few things:  (1) be delicious, (2) take a while to eat so that I'm not done in 2 minutes having snarfed 200 cals, (3) be high in protein, and (4) keep me full. 
Yes, I'm high maintenance.

These bars meet all these requirements.  They've got 3 layers & I eat them sequentially:  crispies on the outside, chocolate layer of love, & chewy caramel center!  I love that it takes me so long to eat it - definitely adds to the psychologically satiating aspect of a calorically dense bar!  Stats are great, too, with plenty of protein & fiber to keep you full. 
Check out more info @ their website but don't buy these bars if you see them at the grocery store ... more for me!  :)


  1. Oh wow. Those look amazing. And wonderful. And bar-shape foods are my favorite. :)

    I'm high maintenance too. ;)